Journal Of The Indonesian Medical Association Volume 64: Number: 9, September 2014

Volum 64, Nomor 09 , September 2014


Clinical Implications of Dopamine Transporter-1 Dopamine Genome (DAT1) in Disorder and Hyperactivity Disorder (GPPH)
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Tjhin Wiguna Full Text [Pdf]

Original article

Profile of Dengue Humoral and Biomolecular Immune Response in Jakarta as Endemic Areas
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Srilaning Driyah, Harli Novriani Full Text [Pdf]

Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Prevalence and Related Factors in People Living With HIV/AIDS in HIV Integrated Central Unit, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Rahajeng Dewantari, Hervita Diatri, Natalia Widiasih Raharjanti Full Text [Pdf]

Effect of Herbicidea Exposure on Testosterone and Erectile Function Among Oil Palm Plantation Workers
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Sutyarso, M Kanedi, Muhartono Full Text [Pdf]

Epidemiological Study, Humoral Immune Response and NS-1 Serotype of Clinical Dengeu Hemorrhagic Fevercases at Hospitals in Pontianak
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Harli Novriani, Lannywati Ghani Full Text [Pdf]

Case report

Risk Factor-Free Adult Woman with Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction as the Byproduct of Solitary Myocardial Bridging
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Bayushi Eka Putra, Achmad Yusri Full Text [Pdf]

Literature review

Risk Factors Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Agus Dwi Susanto Full Text [Pdf]