Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association Volume 68: Number: 1, January 2018

Volum 68, Nomor 01 , Januari 2018


Kunci Penanganan Hipertensi Refrakter: Mendalami Entitas Hipertensi Esensial dan Sekunder
Volum: 68 Tahun: 2018
Bayushi Eka Putra Full Text [Pdf]

Original article

Asscociation between Workshift Pattern (2 Shift and 3 Shift) with Sleep Quality in Nurses at Two Military Hospitals – Jakarta (A Study Using PSQI Quesionner)
Volum: 68 Tahun: 2018
Andriarto Nugroho, Astrid Sulistomo, Ambar W Roestam Full Text [Pdf]

Lower Extremity Pain in Static Standing Worker
Volum: 68 Tahun: 2018
Anne Fitriyana Jayanegara, Astrid W. Sulistomo Full Text [Pdf]

Association Between Sleep Hygiene Behavior and Other Factors with Insomnia on Securities with Shift Work at PT. X
Volum: 68 Tahun: 2018
Intan Vindalia Dian Sari H, Ambar W. Roestam, Nurmiati Amir Full Text [Pdf]

Occupational Stress and Its Relation with the Tendency to Develop Mental Emotional Disorder among Nurses who Directly Involved in Mentally Ill Patients’ Care in A Mental Hospital in Jakarta
Volum: 68 Tahun: 2018
Angela Sagita Novianty, Setyawati Budiningsih, Sjarif Hidayat Full Text [Pdf]

The Influence of Basic Technique Practice of Soccer to the Strength of Leg Muscle and the Content of Blood Myoglobin of the Soccer Player in the Sport Social School Real Madrid Faundation Aceh
Volum: 68 Tahun: 2018
Yuni Rahmayanti, Saifuddin, Yasmeini Yazir Full Text [Pdf]

Literature review

An Overview of Presbyphagia
Volum: 68 Tahun: 2018
Ferius Soewito,* Adhitya** Full Text [Pdf]