Journal Of The Indonesian Medical Association Volume 64: Number: 10, October 2014

Volum 64, Nomor 10 , Oktober 2014


Penyakit Virus dan Non Virus Bersumber Binatang
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Harli Novriani Full Text [Pdf]

Original article

The Comparison of Leucocytes Reduction and Cytokines Levelsbetween Packed-Red Cell with Buffy-Coat Depleted and Modified Bed-Side Leucocyte Filtration Method
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Srihartaty,* Yuyun Siti Maryuningsih Soedarmono,** Pustika Amalia Wahidiyat*** Full Text [Pdf]

Upper Extremities-Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (UE-WRMSDs) Prevalence and its relationship with Biomechanical Factors based on Occupational Repetitive Action (OCRA)
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Franseda,* Fikry Effendi,* Indah Suci Widyahening,*Chandra Satrya,** Ambar Roestam* UE-W Full Text [Pdf]

The Potential of Hemolysis and the Advantage of Washed Erythrocyte and Leukodepleted Packed Red Cell (In-line) Blood Components in Blood Transfusion Practice
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Teuku Ilhami Surya Akbar,*Abdul Salam Mudzakir Sofro,** Ria Syafitri Evi Gantini*** pack Full Text [Pdf]

Formal and Informal Mental Health Institution Staff’s Perception About Restrain and Seclusion
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Natalia Dewi Wardani, Charles Evert Damping, Irmansyah, Hervita Diatri pers Full Text [Pdf]

Overview ELISA Test Results in Patients Suspected of Dengue Fever in Jakarta, Medan and Pontianak
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Fitriana, Harli Novriani DBD, Full Text [Pdf]

Case report

Cranberry Study As An Adjuvant Theraphy in the Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Dwiana Ocviyanti, Raden Kusumadewi, Cherysa Rifiranda, Marcel Elian Suwito cran Full Text [Pdf]