Journal Of The Indonesian Medical Association Volume 64: Number: 12, December 2014

Volum 64, Nomor 12 , Desember 2014


Penatalaksanaan Difteri
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Fitriana, Harli Novriani Full Text [Pdf]

Original article

Analysis of Electrolyte (Sodium, Potassium, Chloride) Levels to The in-Hospital Mortality of Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Liong Boy Kurniawan1,2, Uleng Bahrun1,2, Darmawaty ER1,3, Mansyur Arif1,2 Elek Full Text [Pdf]

Charactersitic of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients Related to Smoking Habit Brinkman Index Value in Rumah Sakit Islam Jakarta (RSIJ) Sukapura
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Fani Shamara, Muhammad Fachri PPOK Full Text [Pdf]

Comparison of Various Degree of Stable Asthmatic Patients With Obesity and Normoweight at Jakarta Islamic Hospital Sukapura
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Galih Lidya Rahmawati, Muhammad Fachri Fung Full Text [Pdf]

The Relation Between Smoking Risk Factor, Lower Respiratory Tract Infection, Air Pollution and Socioeconomic With Various Degrees of Copd Stable at Jakarta Islamic Hospital (RSIJ) Sukapura
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Labibah Rasyid, Muhammad Fachri Fakt Full Text [Pdf]

Overview of Various Degrees of Adult’s Asthma Patients With Trigger’s Asthma Attacks In Sukapura, Jakarta Islamic Hospital (RSIJ Sukapura)
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Risa Maulida Widjaya, Muhammad Fachri Asma Full Text [Pdf]

Case report

Immunopatofisiologi at Clinical Dignosis Dengue Haemorhagic Fever
Volum: 64 Tahun: 2014
Harli Novriani, Fitriana IL: Full Text [Pdf]