Journal Of The Indonesian Medical Association Volume 65: Number: 12, December 2015

Volum 65, Nomor 12 , Desember 2015


Integrated Non Communicable Disease Services (PANDU) as adaptation World Health Organization (WHO) Package Essential of Noncommunicable
Volum: 65 Tahun: 2015
Lily Banonah Rivai, Pradana Soewondo, Dewi Irawati Full Text [Pdf]

Original article

C-peptide Level and PELOD-2 Score as a Prognostic Prediction in Sepsis Patient with Hyperglycemia
Volum: 65 Tahun: 2015
Rismala Dewi, Tuty Rahayu Full Text [Pdf]

Pattern Analysis of Alteration of Systolic Blood Pressure and Diastolic Blood Pressure on Hypertension
Volum: 65 Tahun: 2015
Manaor Fritz Liberty Napitupulu, Amelia, Dame Joice Pohan Full Text [Pdf]

Clinical Sign and Serology (IgM and IgG) Profiles DHF in Three Endemic Pontianak, Medan, and Jakarta
Volum: 65 Tahun: 2015
Srilaning Driyah, Harli Novriani Full Text [Pdf]

Case report

Impact Obestiy Workers Against Productivity Work Absence From Work Rate (Evidence-Based Case Report)
Volum: 65 Tahun: 2015
Radite Nusasenjaya, Indah Suci Widyahening, Dewi Soemarko, Trevino Pakasi Full Text [Pdf]

Literature review

The Role of Probiotic for Infant and Child Health in Indonesia
Volum: 65 Tahun: 2015
Saptawati Bardosono, Luciana Budiati Sutanto Full Text [Pdf]