Journal Of The Indonesian Medical Association Volume 63: Number: 12, December 2013

Volum 63, Nomor 12 , Desember 2013


Effects of Ultraviolet Emission from Fluorescent Lamps on Skin and Eye Health
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Salma Oktaria Full Text [Pdf]

Original article

Comparison Between bilateral Movement Therapy with Reflexive Mirror and with Non-Reflexive Mirror in Motor Performance and Functional Ability of Upper Extremity in Chronic Stroke Patients
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Menik Widya Sari, Vitriana, Tertianto Prabowo Full Text [Pdf]

Effect of Oral Electorlyte Administration on Decrease of Body Temperature and Hydration Status: Preliminary Clinical Trial on Young Healthy Adults After Performing Outdoor Physical Activity
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Fiastuti Witjaksono, Yolin Marlisa, Nury Nusdwinuringtyas, Saptawati Bardosono Full Text [Pdf]

Dengue Hemorraghic Fever Rapid Test with "Dengue Ig G/Ig Anti Body Rapid Test" (IR-113C)
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Harli Novriani Full Text [Pdf]

Effect of Abdominal Drawing-in Exercise on Morphology, Quality of Automatic Contraction of Transversus Abdominis Muscle and Quality of Life in Patients With Chronic Mechanical Low Back Pain
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Thoha Irfanudin, Prabowo Tertianto, Moeliono Marina Full Text [Pdf]

Persistence Use of Glimepiride-Metformin (Amary M) Fixed-Dose Combination in 6 Months Among Indonesia Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Everyday Practice
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Pradana Soewondo Full Text [Pdf]

Literature review

Updates of Noise Induced hearing Loss Management in Primary Health Care
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Naldo Sofian, Muchtaruddin Mansyur Full Text [Pdf]