Journal Of The Indonesian Medical Association Volume 63: Number: 9, September 2013

Volum 64, Nomor 09 , September 2013

Original article

Changes of t CD4+ and CD8+ Lymphocyte Level Before and After Treatment in Childhood Tuberculosis
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Heni Puspitasari, Heda Melinda Nataprawira, Dany Hilmanto Full Text [Pdf]

Correlation of Short Stature Among Childern Aged 1-2 Years and Severity of Maternal Depression at Slum Area
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Susana Farah Diba, Kusnandi Rusmil, Heda Melinda Full Text [Pdf]

Effect of Zinc Supplementation on Time to Remission in Children with Idiophatic Nephrotic Syndrome
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Lia Nazliah Abdullah, Cissy Rachiana Sudjana Prawira, Dedi Rachmadi Full Text [Pdf]

Relationship Between Adolescent’s Level of Health Knowledge and Various Characteristics with Adolescent’s Pediatrician Visits Using Sequential Explanatory Mixed Methods Research
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Arifin Kurniawan Kashmir, Dany Hilmanto, Meita Dhamayanti Full Text [Pdf]

Blood Pressure Over Height Ratio as Hypertension Screening in Malayan Ethnic Children
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Lusiana Rahmawati, Dida Ahmad Gurnida, Dany Hilmanto Full Text [Pdf]

Literature review

Cajal Insterstitial Cells: The Pacemaker that Play a Role in Gastrointestinal Tract Malignancy
Volum: 63 Tahun: 2013
Des Suryani,*a Ida Yuliana,**b Jeanne Adiwinata Pawitan* Full Text [Pdf]